Know More about How to Fix Photoshop File on Mac:

Mac is developed by Apple Inc. which is first GUI based operating system. It is widely used by professionals and personal user due to its interactive GUI and virus free environment. Besides this, it is Linux based OS which is open source and allows you to configure application according to your requirement. Mac comes with many inbuilt applications, even though you can install third party tools to increase your productivity.

Adobe Photoshop is one of the most used applications for creating and editing image files. It enables user to give real view of their imagination and enhance the quality of existed images. Photoshop application use PSD and PDD format to save images.

However, sometimes you may be the victim of PSD file corruption on Mac OS. As it takes long time to think innovative and create pictures in Adobe Photoshop, corruption of PSD file after so much effort may upset you. As it is unplanned unexpected situation which may occur anytime, you should be aware about how to fix PSD on Mac to get rid of such instance. In such case, you can use Fix PSD software to fix Photoshop file Mac, which has been corrupted due to various reasons like system freeze, virus attack, download error, power surge, application fault, etc. Fixing PSD file using this software is too easy so, any novice user can fix PSD file mac without any prior technical knowledge.

Common causes due to which PSD file gets corrupted on Mac:

  • Incomplete Download: If downloading process of PSD file is interrupted due to any reason such as internet connection problem, sudden system restart, etc. then the downloaded PSD file refuse to open.

  • Abnormal Termination: While editing .psd file, if Adobe Photoshop application gets terminted in an improper way, then there are chances for PSD file to get corrupt and become inaccessible.

  • Power Surge: Power surge leads to abrupt shutting down of system due to which, Adobe Photoshop application gets terminated. Occurrence of such situation while accessing PSD file on Mac will close application and thus PSD file will remain unsaved and gets damaged.

  • Improper Up-gradation: Upgrading Adobe Photoshop for getting latest features is common process, but sometimes while trying to open PSD file created on older version with latest version Adobe application may refuse to open it.

  • Malware Infection: It is one of the worst situations which occur due to installing unreliable tools and downloading infected files from internet. These malware and viruses may affect your PSD file.

Striking features of Fix PSD tool

Fix PSD tool is equipped with advances features to fix PSD file Mac having minor as well as major corruption issues. While fixing PSD file on Mac, it doesn't alter or edit your original image as it performs read only operation. You can use this tool to fix Photoshop end of file error that occurs mainly due to improper closing of the file. It supports PSD and PDD files created by all versions of Photoshop application. It can easily fix PSD file Mac of larger size. Compressed PSD and PDD file can be fixed without any difficulty. It follows automated repair process for repairing PSD files on Mac. The easy-to-use interface of this utility guides all users on how to fix PSD file on Mac. This software can be used to repair Photoshop file on Mac of all versions like Yosemite, Mavericks, Mountain Lion, etc. Once you fix PSD Mac, then you can preview fixed PSD files and later you can save them on any storage device as per your requirement.

Steps to fix Adobe Photoshop file on Mac

Step 1: Download and install Fix PSD tool on your Mac machine. Now, launch the software and click on “Browse” option to choose your corrupted PSD file. Then, click on “Repair” option as illustrated in Fig 1.

Fix PSD File Mac - Main Screen

Fig 1: Main Screen

Step 2: Now, scanning process will start for selected corrupted Abode Photoshop file as in Fig 2.

Fix PSD Mac - Repairing Process

Fig 2: Repairing Process

Step 3: Once the repair process gets completed, you will be able to preview the healthy PSD file by using “Preview” option as shown in Fig 3.

How to Fix PSD on Mac- Preview Repaired PSD File

Fig 3: Preview Repaired PSD File

Step 4: If you are satisfied with output, and want to save fixed PSD files then you have to purchase this product. After purchasing you can save PSD file on any storage device.

Fix PSD Mac

Fig 4: Save Repaired PSD File